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Reasons sales coaching fails and how to fix it

Research shows that within 60 days of a coaching exercise, 87% of the content is lost by your salespeople. Why?

5 most important things to watch when call monitoring

Call monitoring is most effective when supervisors look for and train to the right behaviors. Here’s where to focus.

7 fears that keep agents up at night

What keeps agents on edge at work and up at night? A new survey reveals employees’ worst fears.

How technology made training more important than ever

Blame technology for the extra training you have to do. Then use our tips on the three best times to train agents.

4 ways agents can train each other

Customer care agents turn to each other for informal help all the time. So why not let them formally train each other, too?

Giving feedback: 3 keys for contact center leaders

To get agents back on track when performance dips, contact center leaders need to give constructive feedback. Here’s how.