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Ways to tell stories that turn prospects into customers

Many sales presentations are boring, banal and inert. These offensive qualities are troublesome for today’s busy prospects who may have short attention spans.

10 customer commitments needed to close a big sale

Some salespeople think of closing as a one-step process leading to a final commitment. Closing is actually more complex than that. It happens in stages. 

The No. 1 reason salespeople succeed or fail

Choosing to have a healthy attitude can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful selling career. Your attitude is contagious, influencing the mood of the customers and prospects you’re trying to sell. 

5 ways to find out what your customers want

Some businesses base their selling efforts on guesswork and intuition. But those who are the most successful develop in-depth knowledge about customers and tailor their selling efforts to address customers’ needs and goals. 

How to improve your closing rate with prospects

The biggest pitfall some salespeople face in closing is becoming “lost in the sale,” which occurs after they’ve addressed the prospect’s questions and concerns and it’s time to close the sale. 

5 ways to completely kill a sale

Everyone makes mistakes. Problem is, in the sales profession, mistakes that are in human nature to make may have repercussions that can kill your career. As a result, you’ll want to take a good look at these common pitfalls and try to avoid them: 

7 ways to turn a customer ‘no’ into a ‘yes’

Some salespeople look for an exit right after prospects say “no” to an initial closing attempt. Others take a negative answer personally and push to reverse it. In other words, they switch from being helpful salespeople to determined opponents, raising the resistance level of the prospects. 

5 keys to a successful negotiation

When negotiating with customers, your doubts can be your worst enemies. 

Mastering the art of the soft sell, hard sell

In selling, as in martial arts, there are times when being aggressive is the only way to close the deal. At other times, a softer approach is the way to go. 

7 qualities properly motivated salespeople have

“Manage your emotions or they will manage you,” John Wooden, one of the most successful college basketball coaches of all time, warned his players each year. It’s a message every salesperson should recite before every sales call.