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Why customers buy & why they don’t: The latest research reveals …

Companies increase their chances of closing sales by understanding their customers’ buying processes and the major factors that affect buying decisions. But it’s equally important for them to avoid the mistakes that most customers find objectionable. 

What prospects really mean when they say ‘no’

If “no’s” weren’t a natural part of the selling process, there would be no need for salespeople. What you do and say after hearing “no” will make a world of difference in your ability to close sales. 

12 reasons customers won’t trust you

Every company strives to make good first and lasting impressions with customers. But good intentions won’t always work out, and trust is lost when you make the following mistakes.

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7 ways to build more trust with customers now

Trust leads to all things good in the business world these days. This is how to build more of it among customers.

Long-term customer relationships fail for these 4 reasons

Long-term customer relationships are not built on the info or attitude you present to customers — they are built on the actions you take. Customers evaluate your consistent, persistent, predictable actions over time to determine who you truly are.

Recover lost trust: Proven tactics

Despite our best efforts, mistakes happen. Deliveries are late; promises are broken; or quality issues surface. You have to realize everything you do affects trust, including how you handle it when things go wrong.

9 ways to increase sales to present customers

Salespeople who stay focused on the needs of customers are less likely to be unseated by special deals offered by competitors. They may also be rewarded with increased customer loyalty and repeat sales.