Customer Experience News & Trends

4 tips for sending better email to customers

Email plays a role in the customer experience, yet most of us are getting sloppy with it.

Why you should plan more happy hours

If you want your customers to have a better experience, plan the quintessential post-work happy hour for your employees.

Stop the trash talk before it hurts morale

Agents might need to blow off steam after dealing with a tough customer, but they must stop short of trash talking. Here’s why.

Why contact center leaders ditch average handle time measurements

More and more contact center leaders are ditching average handle time (AHT) requirements. Here’s why you might want to do it, too.

How technology made training more important than ever

Blame technology for the extra training you have to do. Then use our tips on the three best times to train agents.

Turning a blind eye to this will kill morale

Agents will quickly lose faith in supervisors who turn a blind eye to this.

7 ways to avoid killing employee trust

Contact center leaders who gain and keep their agents’ trust will have a powerhouse team delivering standout service. Here’s how to win their trust:

How gossip is hurting your contact center

Whispers, rumors, gossip – they’re alive in your contact center and even managers are guilty of them. How destructive is the toxic talk?