Customer Experience News & Trends

5 ways to improve B2B customer relationships

Some companies squander the opportunities to build better B2B customer relationships. Here’s where they go wrong, plus five steps to enrich yours. 

Creating an effective online experience for B2B customers

Most B2B companies aren’t giving customers the digital credit they deserve — and the customer experience could be hurting for it.

The messages today’s customers need to hear

For companies to beat out competitors today, it’s critical to keep in mind three things prospects need.

What ‘customer of the future’ will want

Not only are buyers more demanding than ever, Baby Boomers are aging, and generations raised on technology are gradually taking over as decision-makers.

For B2B companies, most buying is about covering their butts

Want to know what makes prospects buy from someone else, even when you’re positive your company’s product or service is perfect for them?