Customer Experience News & Trends

4 steps that will get your calls returned

Some customers and co-workers aren’t as reliable about returning calls as you are. Here’s how to get them to be.

Inspire agents to shoot for the next level

Almost every agent can do at least a little better. All they need is the right kind of inspiration from their leaders.

4 kinds of customers – and the best ways to deal with them

Do you know which customers prefer to chat or which want all the details? This guide to the four most common types can help agents decide their service style.

What makes Millennials loyal contact center employees

Think the youngest generation of workers will be self-centered and disloyal to employers? Not really, new research found.

Oh $#!+ – a great agent just quit: Now what?

A great agent just quit, leaving a big hole in operations. Here’s what you should’ve done before, and should do now.

3 ways to pump up your listening skills

Care and concern usually come natural to contact center pros. Listening is a skill that comes with a little more fine-tuning. Here’s how to pump up yours.

Another benefit of training: Watch morale rise

The main course of training includes increased confidence and skills. It almost always comes with a side of boosted morale. Here’s how.

Turn middle-of-the-road performers into winners

Not all contact center agents will be superstars. But you can get middle-of-the-road performers to step up when needed. Here’s how.

7 ways to build greater customer loyalty

Agents are capable of amazing things. One of them being they can build fierce customer loyalty. Here’s how.

4 reasons you should train now

A little more training will go a long way. We have proof.