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Top 3 complaints about Service – and how to solve them

You’ll never please all the customers all the time. But you can keep most of them happy all the time if you avoid the things that bug them most.

TMI! What to do when customers want to tell too much

You want to build rapport, but some customers take it too far – blabbing on about personal problems and nasty rumors. What do you do then?

Do we listen as well as we should?

Many people in business admit they need to brush up on their listening skills. But are they willing to do it?

5 ways managers drive agents crazy

When it comes to turmoil in the contact center, customers and agents aren‘t always to blame. Here’s how you bosses drive them crazy sometimes. 

How to get your voice messages returned

No one returns your calls? Try these three tactics to get a callback. 

Stay calm and move along: Key to handling negativity

When a customer or co-worker loses his cool — and blows up on you — follow these steps to stay calm and move things along.

Can you be both fast and courteous with customers?

If you help customers quickly, can you still be considered courteous? And if you’re friendly, will you ever be fast enough?

10 phrases that annoy customers

You talk business all day and clichés fit the bill at times. But some things are better left unsaid nowadays.

3 phrases that drive customers crazy

You can drive customers crazy — and possibly running to the competition — if you say this.

What do customers use most to get your attention?

You give customers a heap of options for contacting you, but what are they using most?