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Who’s more stressed — agents or managers?

Whose stress level in the contact center is higher — agents’ or managers’? New research reveals the answer, and we’ve included tips on curbing the stress.

Desk yoga (that won’t make you look ridiculous) for when you need to relax

If you’re feeling sluggish, stressed or overwhelmed, some inconspicuous yoga at your desk really will help.

Can you guess how many people in your contact center are stressed?

Everyone knows High-Strung Harry is stressed. But the large number of other agents in your contact center who are stressed may shock you.

5 signs agents are stressed – and 4 quick solutions

A little stress can make agents more effective. But over-stressed agents are a train wreck waiting to happen.

3 ways to help agents cut stress

Every contact center professional could use a little stress-reduction – especially this time of year. Try all of these quick tactics today.