Customer Experience News & Trends

3 major obstacles to closing in today’s economy

One of the biggest disconnects in business today is that most selling processes do not adapt in time with shifts in the marketplace. As a result, closing rates suffer.

Do you have what it takes to motivate Millennials?

What does it take to keep Millennials happy at work — flexibility, more money, relaxed environment … or maybe none of these.

What agents really want when it comes to recognition

New research reveals what kind of recognition works best – and it works so well because it’s exactly what agents want.

Why you need to take a break after a nightmare customer

Agents: If you don’t take a break after dealing with a nightmare customer, everyone suffers. Here’s what researchers found. 

3 low-cost ways to show agents your appreciation

You don’t need much money to show agents you truly appreciate the great job they do. These three ideas work.

5 things agents are dying to tell you (but are afraid to say)

Even if you think you have the best possible relationships with your agents, there are some things they won’t tell you – and you should know.

5 reasons best agents leave – and how to keep them

Good agents are hard to find — and it’s often even tougher to keep them. Here’s why they might leave.

Why you want to swap the pizza party for bagels and coffee

Hold off on another pizza party to celebrate or motivate. New research found this is a better idea.

3 ways to help your contact center bounce back from winter doldrums

Less daylight, cool temperatures and winter blues can wear down even the happiest contact center agent. Here are three ways to help everyone bounce back and stay motivated.