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7 qualities top closers can all say they have

Even though it’s impossible to replicate what makes a top salesperson perform at such a high level, there are traits many superstars share that other salespeople can use to close more sales. 

5 questions to establish the value you bring to customers

Two pickle vendors were competing on the Lower East Side of New York City in the early 1900s. A man walks into Joe’s Pickles and inquiries about prices. “Pickles are two for a nickel,” Joe responds. The man says, “For a nickel I can get three pickles at Sam’s.” Joe responds, “So buy your pickles at […] [MORE]

9 ways to tell if price is your real problem

Some salespeople use price as an excuse for a poor job selling. But price objections may raise a red flag indicating something else is wrong — and that it’s a deeper problem. 

4 ways to add value to every sales presentation

The salesperson or company with the strongest value proposition will earn the inside track to a prospect’s business. With that being said, here are four ways to make your value proposition stronger: 

The worst question you can ask customers

This one question is probably asked by more salespeople in a given day than any other. It’s a question that may simultaneously prevent sales and destroy customer loyalty. 

Keys to successful customer negotiations

Salespeople who walk away with the most deals understand that everything is negotiable. They also recognize that successful negotiation with customers is much broader than the ability to haggle over price or other terms. 

Grab the attention of prospects you didn’t close the first time around

We all know the potential in prospects that have already turned us down. Changes in the economy, technology or in their businesses may make them prime candidates for renewed sales efforts. 

Ways to match your value to customer needs

In a typical sales presentation, 80% of the time is devoted to describing the salesperson’s exceptional company and the positive benefits the customer will get from the product or service being sold. There are some fundamental reasons why prospects won’t buy after listening to this type of presentation.

Sure-fire way to give yourself a competitive advantage

Companies can no longer count on their product or service to sell itself, because their toughest competitors are out there with similar products and claims. It’s the person representing a product or service (or company) that has a greater influence over the customer’s perception of value than the product itself.

The 6 worst sales gaffes your people can make

We surveyed customers to find out the leading causes of why they decided not to buy from a particular salesperson. We compiled the results and ranked the worst sales gaffes by the number of times they were cited.