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The sweet spot: 7 things millennials want from email, how to give it all to them

Millennials are notoriously complex customers — they’re digitally savvy and one of the most highly engaged and social demographics to date. In short, they can represent the most ideal and frustrating customer segment all rolled into one. 

But for marketers, the good news is millennials also want to be understood as a means to get their preferred experience with brands. Thanks to new research from SendinBlue, which polled 750 US millennials, we now know exactly what that preferred experience is, at least when it comes to marketing communications (particularly via email).

As you might suspect given their complexity, the answers confirm there’s a fine line to walk between giving millennials exactly what they want and going overboard to the point of losing their loyalty. Hitting the sweet spot all comes down to personalization and pocketbooks.

Some of the most revealing stats confirm the continued relevance of email marketing, the power of personalized outreach and the influence of a good deal.

Want millennials to act on your marketing emails? Send them:

  • site-wide promotions
  • product category sale announcements, and
  • promos for two-day or free delivery.

And send it all via email, which they’re consistently checking between two and five times a day.

While millennials may be complicated beings, reaching them really isn’t, if you know what to do.

Check out SendinBlue’s digestible infographic for more insight to make your 2018 marketing more efficient and effective.

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About the author: Armand Thiberge is the founder & CEO of SendinBlue.

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