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Summer perks better than a company picnic

Sure, employee picnics boost morale and camaraderie, but agents probably have other perks on their minds.

The perk that could really get agents excited is a little more time away from the contact center, according to an OfficeTeam survey.

When asked, “Which of the following benefits would you most like to have?” employees said:

  • Flexible schedules (41%)
  • Leave early on Fridays (28%)
  • Activities such as potlucks or picnics (11%)
  • More relaxed dress code (5%)
  • Other (7%)
  • Don’t know/didn’t answer (8%)

The  key: Be a little more flexible in the summer. If customer demand drops, let agents relax a little, too. If they’re given a little extra time off now, they’ll likely work harder later.

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