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Success story: How telecommuting drastically cut turnover

The option to telecommute can have a seriously good effect on turnover. One company has proof that you’ll want to see.

An ARO contact center in Kansas City, MO, cut typical turnover rates of about 60% to just 5% when it allowed some agents to work from home in recent years.

Research has proven that agents who work from home (at least some of the time) are more loyal, productive and motivated than those on site. While they initially missed out on much of the collaboration that occurs on site, technology including video chat and teleconferencing, have allowed them to stay connected with colleagues and contribute to group projects more.

The major key to making an telecommuting program work is picking the right agents for at-home work. If you’re going to choose existing agents, look for those who consistently:

  • meet and exceed goals
  • are self-starters
  • can work through interruptions
  • are self-motivated, and
  • are creative problem-solvers.


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