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Study: The best ways to boost employee satisfaction

What’s the best way to keep contact center agents happy? New research reveals what works to boost their satisfaction.

Contact center leaders say helping agents grow professionally is the top way to motivate them on the job, according to a survey from The Help Desk Institute.

They use these tactics most and say they have the strongest effect on employee satisfaction:

  • Professional development (64%)
  • Comp time/paid time off (57%)
  • Recognition programs (54%)
  • Money (45%)
  • Team-building activities (37%)
  • Charting career paths (34%)
  • Off-site meetings or functions (31%)
  • Contests/competitions (27%)

The best bet: Leaders want to use a variety of tactics to keep employees satisfied. Rewarding work and opportunities to learn and grow within the company, plus fair compensation and fun events, will keep satisfaction high.

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