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Stop blabbing! What you should and shouldn’t discuss about your personal life at work

The contact center often breeds a bevy of friendships — filled with chatter and comfort. But it’s not the place to spill all of your guts.

Agents and leaders need a filter when it comes to discussing their personal lives at work, says workplace experts.

Ask yourself these questions before you disclose something personal to colleagues or bosses:

  1. Will it affect my job performance? For example, if a boyfriend just broke up with you, it shouldn’t affect your performance . If it does, that’s your problem, and you’ll likely have to deal with the consequences. If your spouse is chronically ill, and you’re the primary caregiver, it will likely affect performance for some time and people should know.
  2. Who would need to know this information? If the personal situation is something that others need to know, only tell those who must know. Discussing it with co-workers before telling the boss may put some people in an awkward position. In most cases, it’s best to go straight to your direct manager.
  3. How much detail should I reveal? Stick to the cold, hard facts. Giving too much detail may make others uncomfortable. And getting emotional is seldom considered professional.
  4. What will need to be covered? When you need to share something personal that will affect your work, let people know as soon as possible. Give everyone time to prepare for the impact. A good idea: Write your duties, how they’ll be affected and possible ways to keep them covered.

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