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Start training off right in the new year: 3 fresh tips

With a new year around the corner, you’ll probably have new training. Here’s how to kick it off so everyone retains more.

Agents will walk away remembering more and be better equipped to help customers if you:

  • Have the end in mind. Avoid holding any training session just because “it’s time to train” or you need to cover new material. Instead, focus on a goal (improve satisfaction level, reduce wait time, understand new inventory guide, etc.) and train to reach it.
  • Send materials before training. Give agents time to look over handouts so they can formulate questions and understand what they will need to do during and after training.
  • Hold questions. Ask agents to jot down questions as they come up in training so you avoid unnecessary interruptions. You may answer their questions before they need to ask them without getting derailed. If not, a general Q&A at the end will reinforce what was covered.

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