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You’re kidding, right? ‘Social Media Butler’ part of inaugural package

The Madison Hotel in D.C. has made a tradition out of creating lavish package “deals” around the presidential inauguration designed to produce the ultimate customer experience. And its latest was a doozy:

Here’s what $47,000 got you during the recent inauguration of President Obama:

  • Four-nights in a suite
  • A Lincoln Town Car with driver
  • $5,000 to spend at Brooks Brothers
  • A private tour of D.C. with 22 friends
  • One night at a resort with a couple’s massage, and … wait for it …
  • A “Dedicated Social Media Butler.”

The butler’s job involved following the customer around, chronicling his or her inaugural experience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Just what people want to see online: Tweets of their friends sleeping, buying suits and getting pampered — ones they couldn’t even be bothered to post themselves.

On the upside, the package created a lot of buzz for the hotel.

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