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Show customers you care: 7 tactics that start from within

It’s one thing to say your company cares. It’s another thing to actually prove it. 

These seven companies start with compassion for their employees — and it translates into a caring customer experience.

Companies show they care through kind and fair policies, benefits, perks and a culture that allows leaders to be flexible with employees. Because front-line employees feel cared for, they genuinely pay that sentiment forward to their customers.

“Demonstrating through your company’s actions — not just your mission statement or website copy — that you care about employees, customers and society in general will help you build tremendous customer loyalty,” said Jon Gordon, author of The Carpenter. “Consumers want to do business with companies that care about more than just making money.”

Here are seven businesses excelling at that concept. While they do make money, it’s largely due to their concern for employees.

1. Facebook

When Mark Zuckerberg founded his social media start-up, and it caught on, the company’s mantra was, “Move fast and break things.”

Today, he’s transitioning from the get-ahead-at-any-cost mission to “a culture of loving the people we serve.”

The benefits are top of the line, but the flexibility says more. Employees say the top attribute to working there is the creative release they’re given on the products they work with. They also have the flexibility to move into another team when they’re ready for a new challenge.

2. Publix

The grocery store chain encourages employees to take time with customers — and management doesn’t chastise employees when they take a lot of time to help customers.

For instance, they expect employees to walk customers to the item they request — and let what they were doing wait for a time when customers don’t need help.

3. Southwest Airlines

Perhaps the air carrier says it best: “We like to think of ourselves as a Customer Service company that happens to fly airplanes (on schedule, with personality and perks along the way).”

They hire people with a caring attitude over skill or experience.

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