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5 ways to show customers thankfulness

Whether 2020 hurt or helped you, customers are the linchpin that kept businesses running. So this could be the most important year ever to thank them. 

Many businesses struggled to survive this unprecedented year. Others found a niche and powered ahead. In either case, now’s the time to thank the customers who’ve stuck by, joined or championed you.

Here are five ways to show customers how thankful you are for their business this year – and share your hopes for a continued strong relationship next year.

1. Make it special, memorable

You don’t want to overwhelm customers with a slew of messages such as email, ads, social media posts, sales pieces, etc. Those all have a time to shine in your overall customer journey plan.

But save this time of year for special thanks. You’ll stand out and come across as more sincere if you let a personal thank you speak for itself. Try to send hand-written notes or inscribed cards, explaining how much you appreciate their loyalty and purchases in times when business and life are uncertain.

2. Follow up

To save money, many companies slash post-sale expenses such as investing in the resources for personal follow-up and/or training.

Now’s not the time to pull back on anything that builds relationships. Instead, show gratitude by making post-sale calls and proactively offering help. Whether they need help or not, you can at least personally thank them for continuing to be your customer.

3. Hold steady

One of the worst things you can do in chaotic times is create more chaos for customers. Instead, you can show gratitude by holding steady. Let customers know you won’t change what’s important to them – such as rates, level of service and/or quality of products – in appreciation for their continued loyalty.

It helps to build their confidence in the business relationship with your organization and continue their loyalty.

4. Get ahead of change

On the flipside, if change is inevitable, the best way to prove to customers you appreciate their support is to be upfront and proactive. Let them know about changes. Even better, get them involved in changes.

For example, if you must change pricing structures, pull together a focus group of customers to ask what would work best for them. Thank them for their loyalty, honesty, input and continued business as you work through changes.

Once you’re ready to roll out changes, give customers plenty of notice and thank them in advance for feedback and cooperation.

5. Give what you can

You might have low- or no-cost gifts handy to thank customers right: Give the gift of education.

How? Update and resend a white paper that can help them do their jobs or use your products better. Send links to webinars you’ve done that are still relevant. Invite them to a free webinar with your product developers for new information and a Q&A.

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