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11 ways to show customers love and gratitude

There’s no time like now to show customers love and gratitude. Here are 11 ways to make it special.

Any time of the year – and especially after a year like the last one – is relevant to thank customers and send some gratis their way. But while our hearts and minds are on love – it is American Heart Month and nearly Valentine’s Day – it’s even more spot-on.

Take time for one or some of these ideas this month:

Use social media

You can use any or all of your social media platforms to share the love:

  • Mention them. Give a shout-out to customers for their business, great conversation, continued loyalty, compliments, etc. shortly after an interaction. But only tag customers who already follow or like you – as you don’t want to mention customers who might not want a social presence.
  • Share their stuff. Retweet, share or just like customers’ posts and thank them for their business in your shout-out.
  • Promote them. If you’re a B2B, share your customers’ promotions in your social channel, telling your followers why they’re so great.
  • Keep it simple. Post a kind, thoughtful thank you message to customers across all your social media channels. You can pull a quote or find a meme.

Use mail

The United States Postal Service still delivers the most personal messages. Try to:

  • Send a note. No need to send a heart-decorated card with sentiments of love. A handwritten note on company stock, thanking customers for their loyalty, speaks volumes. You can write a few a day.
  • Send bulky mail. It’s an old marketing tool (that hasn’t lost its luster). Put a company tchotchke – such as cellular charger or ear buds – that add bulk to a larger envelope. Include a short note, thanking customers for their business. It’ll be the first thing customers open when it arrives.

Use electronic mail

It’s not as personal, but a message that’s sent from one person to customers – rather than a mass email – can show love and gratitude. Try to:

  • Send an email on Valentine’s Day with credit for a book download, thanking them for loyalty
  • Send a personal electronic greeting. If you run out of time to send a handwritten Valentine messages, send a fast electronic one. Try free electronic card sites such as and

Use a gift

Even if you’ve faced a tough year, try to show love and gratitude with some small appreciation gift. You might:

  • Tack on an extra bit of support – perhaps one more month on a contract or an additional consultation.
  • Invite them to try a sample of a product or service you’re ready to launch (and need to test anyway).
  • Send a small e-gift card to a national chain that nearly anyone has access to for a cup of coffee.

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