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Should you be on social media more? Depends on the age of your customers

The age of the majority of your customers can help determine how much time your contact center agents should spend on social media. Here’s help to figure it out.

If your customers are younger – in the 16-24 age group – your social media presence is a must. Almost 15% of customers in that age group say they prefer social media over any other channel for customer service, a Sitel study recently found.

And nearly 20% of customers in the 16-34-year-old age group felt that companies can drastically improve their customer experience if they respond “quickly when I ask a a question on Twitter.”

Important point: If your customers are in the younger age range, and you make an effort to create a Facebook and Twitter following, don’t fall down on the job. These customers are active in these social media outlets. Asking them to be your “fan” or “follow you” is useless if you don’t provide them with actual content and help.

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