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Seven tips to overcome buyers’ objections

Some salespeople consider objections as signs there’s something missing or wrong in the product or service. Experienced salespeople recognize that objections provide a valuable window into the prospect’s thinking.

Here are seven effective ways to meet objections head-on and answer them point-by-point. Share them with your salespeople.

  1. Listen to the objection carefully. Once you’ve developed the ability to recognize the reason for the objection, you may be able to counter them.
  2. Ask for clarification. By asking the prospect to go into more detail about the objection, you’ll be in a better position to establish what’s really at issue.
  3. Recognize that prospects may cover their true objections with a smoke screen. Use questions to get to the real objection.
  4. Track the objections you hear and at what point in the presentation they occur. You may find prospects are reacting to something you’re saying (or not saying).
  5. Prepare a list of common objections and responses in advance. Practice the responses, so when objections arise, the conversation will continue to flow naturally.
  6. Stay in control by asking questions. Ask your prospect for suggestions about how you can move the sale forward.
  7. State that you understand the prospect’s position, even if you don’t agree with it. Center your thinking on solutions to their problems, as opposed to stewing over your presentation being thrown off course.

Adapted from Guide to Handling Sales Objections (Career Press, Franklin, NJ) by Barry Farber.

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