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Service lessons from Obama

When President Obama gears up for another presidential run, he’ll likely rely on the same customer service tactics he used in his first campaign. Before the next election, you can try them in your contact center.

  1. Make it personal. Obama said in his campaign “customers are king” and he put together a service center so anyone who called for information got a live person to help. Tip: Even in your busiest times, pull in people (on standby in other departments, perhaps) to answer calls – then pass them on to experts.
  2. Have good timing. Just before Obama made his acceptance speech, he sent an e-mail, addressing each campaigner by name and thanking him or her for dedication. Tip: Regularly send e-mail and  handwritten messages thanking customers for their loyalty and address each  personally.
  3. Move forward. Obama’s follow-up message noted what would happen next and how campaigners and supporters might be affected. Tip: When you talk with customers, tell them about upcoming events, promotions or news at your organization.

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