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Say this – not that – to avoid customer rage

A few words can set some customers off the deep end. Here are the worst offenders – plus better choices to get your point across.

Many of these phrases seem innocuous. Unfortunately, customers often find them bothersome, according to John Tschohl, author of Empowerment: A way of life.

So avoid them at all cost.

  • Avoid: I’ll try … Say: I will …
  • Avoid: It’s our policy. Say: What we do in this situation …
  • Avoid: You should have read the warranty. Say: Are you familiar with the warranty on this?
  • Avoid: Hang on a second. Say: Can you please hold a moment?
  • Avoid: That’s not what I do. Say: I can get you right to the person who’s an expert on this.
  • Avoid: What do you want? Say: How can I help you?
  • Avoid: I can’t … Say: Let me see what I can do.

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