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Refresh your phone skills: 5 quick tips

Even the most seasoned contact center pros can use a refresher on good phone skills from time to time. Here it is.

These tips actually come from a variety of veteran phone agents who rely on them day-in, day-out.

  • Identify yourself at the beginning of every phone conversation. When you answer, make your name the last thing you say to help customers remember it. Example: “Hello, XYZ, Inc., I’m happy to help you. My name is Kelly Jones.” When you call customers,  use your first and last name.
  • Watch your timing. When returning or originating calls, once you identify yourself, ask the customer if he or she has time to talk. If not, ask for a convenient time and call then.
  • Check your tone. We tend to talk louder on the phone – especially when talking to someone on a cell phone – than when face-to-face. After the greeting, turn down your tone a notch to put you at a conversational voice level.
  • Speak with energy and enthusiasm. You probably do this already. But on days when you find it hard to sound enthusiastic, stand up to speak to customers. The stature naturally raises your energy level. And smile. It really does put a kick in your voice.
  • Avoid multitasking. Customers can tell when you’re checking e-mail,
    filing through papers or, worse, eating and drinking. Make sure your desk is clear before you sit down to focus on customer calls each day.

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