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Recipe for better experiences: Try mom-and-pop shop tactics

Most customers agree: The best experiences come from mom-and-pop shops. Here are things every organization can learn from them.

About half of customers say small, independent businesses provide the best customer service, according to a recent Corvisa Cloud survey. On the flip side, just 11% of people felt that large companies provide the best customer service.

So how can more companies — even those that are doing a bulk of their business online — give that mom-and-pop kind of experience?

Try these ideas from the experts at Parature:

1. Do less, gain more

Yes, retailers dress up their physical windows and Web pages, but they usually don’t overdo it, either. They keep the basics front and center. When it’s easier for customers to navigate their displays and store layout, it’s easier for them to find what they want — and then buy it.

Tip: Keep tools such as searches, FAQs and contact numbers easy to find online. On the phone, give customers quick access to an employee, not a nasty trip through a phone tree.

2. Be transparent

Retailers put their prices right on the products — no hidden fees tacked on toward the end of a sale. They make it simple for customers to make decisions right away if price is a concern, which it almost always is.

Tip: Post bottom-line prices where appropriate. Offer them opportunities to see or hear what others think of your products with online and printed customer reviews, and testimonials. Help customers connect and share thoughts through a blog or chat room that is facilitated, but not dictated, by you.

3. Be where customers are

Even old-school brick-and-mortar retailers have an online presence. Customers want the ability to shop anywhere, any time.

Tip: You likely have a strong Web presence already. But your customers are increasingly using social media now, too. You likely need to be there.

4. Be consistent

Most retailers deliver the same experience every time, whether they have one location or several. It’s the same price with an experience delivered by trained, personable employees, who make sure customers get what they want when they want it.

Tip: Create consistent experiences by setting guidelines that affect every channel customers use to contact you.

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