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One thing best-in-class companies have that you probably don’t

The best companies rise to the top because of this one customer service strategy. Do you follow it?

More than 85% of the best-in-class companies have a strategy to keep everyone in their organization focused on customers, the Aberdeen Research Customer Experience Management Report recently found.

They’re considered best-in-class because they lead their industries in key performance metrics (KPIs) such as profitability, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and employee engagement and satisfaction. Only about half of companies that perform near the average have a strategy or mission to keep employees focused on customers, the study found.

Contact center and company leaders want to help employees focus on customers all the time because it almost always equals loyalty. As the saying goes, “Happy customers start with happy employees.”

Two strategies:

  • Have contact center trainers offer lunch-and-learn sessions in other areas of the company quarterly to help other employees sharpen soft skills (and remind them customers deserve and expect great service from whomever answers their call), and
  • Share your mission. Post your company mission where customers can see it. Ask them to let you know if employees aren’t living up to it so you can adjust training to help them meet the mission.

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