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One step you can take to dramatically improve training

Training’s the best way to improve performance, but most contact center leaders skip this one step that can maximize effectiveness.

About 60% of leaders say they don’t have a way to prepare trainees to apply new material they learned, a ESI International survey just found.

So agents often walk out of training without knowing how to put their new skills or knowledge to work.

To avoid wasting everyone’s time and energy with inefficient training:

  • Set goals and a time line for achieving them before training starts. Give agents some say in what skills they must master and when that must happen.
  • Teach what you can measure. If the skill or agents’ grasp of knowledge can’t be measured, it might not be necessary to include those ideas or skills in training.
  • Reward accomplishments. Agents will work harder to apply the new material if they know they’ll be recognized and rewarded for their efforts.

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