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One history lesson agents should know

Most customers don’t want you to forget a thing. Here’s why you want to start taking better notes.

Almost 85% of customers expect that agents at the centers they contact will know their purchase history. Nearly as many also expect companies to know all about their past experiences, a ClickFox survey recently found.

The good news: Small and large contact centers can keep customers’ history handy. At larger centers, advanced analytic tools might be used. At smaller companies, agents can keep details in a notes section of customers’ accounts.

Here are three important things to note in customers histories:

  • Preferences. It only takes a few key strokes to note, “prefers overnight shipping.” Yet it impresses customers when agents ask, “Can I have it delivered overnight for you?”
  • Personal information. Note the names of loved ones and pets, hobbies, vacations and work accomplishments. It makes rapport building conversations easier the next time.
  • Past experiences. It’s vital for everyone (from agents to sales people to managers) to know if customers have experienced issues or made complaints. Then they’ll know to make the next several contacts A+ experiences for customers.

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