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How one analyst cut speed-to-answer and abandon rates – and improved his company’s service levels

Faster response and the most accurate answers from skilled agents – it’s every customer’s dream. Here’s how one analyst made it come true.

Even better, the strategies implemented by Jim Dodt, Workforce Management Analyst for Safelite AutoGlass in Columbus, OH, help cut the cost per call by 23%.

Dodt, who’s been an analyst at Safelite for two years, aimed to improve service and customer satisfaction when he created a system through Microsoft Excel to get the right customers to the right agents.

His auto-gating system looked at the database of training the agents had received and set up agents accordingly to answer calls each morning. Then customers were routed to agents based on what they needed and what agents knew best.

He also implemented improvements to real-time interval reporting that allowed leaders and agents to see up-to-the-minute reports on service levels and abandon rates. That allowed them to adjust and manage service levels better – especially in the midst of call spikes related to weather or advertising events.

With the changes, Safelite’s Sales Central Operation improved service levels (calls answered within 20 seconds) from 86% to 90% and average speed-to-answer from 14 seconds to 8 seconds. The abandon rate dropped from 7% to 4%.

For this, Dodt was recently recognized as an “Everyday Hero” across the Safelite organization.

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