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Noisy, chaotic contact center? 3 ways to cope

Open spaces are practically the norm for contact centers — and are great for collaboration. But they’re not so great for concentration and quiet work. Here’s how your front-line professionals can work best in that kind of environment.

Open office plans make it easy for reps to hail supervisors for help or turn to each other to collaborate. On the flip side, there’s little or no privacy, and managers have a tougher time controlling noise and activity.

Take control

Fortunately, front-line employees and supervisors can take steps to overcome the difficulties of working in an open space. Here’s what the experts at The Brilliant Report recommend:

  • Set aside a block of time each day when you can’t be disturbed by colleagues. For best results, make it at least an hour, preferably a few hours. Post a sign at your desk indicating it’s your “Do Not Disturb Time” and when you are available for collaboration later. Put a hold on personal email and calls during that time, too.
  • Take serious conversations on the road. When you have complex or more serious issues (professional or personal — because we know personal issues come up at work) take the conversation with a colleague or boss to a private space. Take a walk outside the office, sit down in an empty conference room or step out to a coffee shop.
  • Tune in. Many people can concentrate more clearly when they eliminate background noise. Try ear buds tuned to classical or instrumental music. Reason: Lyrics can be even more distracting.

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