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No-cost ways to boost morale

Contact center leaders don’t have to break the bank – or even a sweat – to keep agents motivated. 

Here are four ways to create an environment that fosters high morale:

  • Clarify expectations. Confusion causes stress. When agents know what’s expected of them (and what they can expect from their boss), they’ll be comfortable and productive.
  • Tend relationships. You don’t have to be friends with agents, but you do need to be friendly. Ask how they’re doing and be sincerely interested in what they have to say. Don’t just give orders and see if they’re followed.
  • Give agents a forum. Encourage agents to speak their mind regularly. Give them time at meetings to talk about issues or hold an open door policy if they want to talk more privately.
  • Provide opportunities. Look for ways agents can advance their careers and help them reach that potential. Knowing they have opportunities to grow within their company will help them look more fondly at the company and their bosses.

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