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Motivate by personality type: 5 keys

Agents have different personality types. It only makes sense to motivate them based on those differences.

When you give feedback, offer praise or dish out rewards, try to match them with agents’ most prevailing personality type, says management expert Geil Browning.

Here are the five most common types and tips on motivating them:

  • Quiet agents don’t need much fanfare. So stick to one-on-one praise, opportunities to increase their roles and rewards that reflect their personal interests outside work.
  • Social agents need to know their work has an impact on others and the higher good. Give them praise publicly. Offer rewards that allow others to participate in the success.
  • Analytical types want to see how their work is valuable to the organization and makes it succeed. They want rewards and recognition that reflects their personal contributions. Give them individual praise and rewards, rather than just team recognition and rewards.
  • Peacekeepers won’t demand rewards or any fanfare over what they do. But don’t be mistaken – they still want it. It’s your job to find out what they want and how they like it delivered.
  • Structured agents like their work and rewards just like that – structured. Recognize them at the appropriate, designated times. Give them the rewards they were promised for achieving goals.

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