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Managing trade show leads

Trade show attendees are seeking more specific information than they did a few years ago. While the Internet provides more information than prospects ever had prior to a show, it also raises questions they expect to be answered.

Avoid quick answers

Attempting to give quick answers at your booth may create problems. It’s better to ask visitors if they’d like to make an appointment for a specific time. What you’re trying to do is establish a situation that creates sales leads, not creating a collection of cards.

Evaluating the leads

Trade shows usually produce many leads, some worthwhile, some not. Here are some tips that will help turn those leads to sales:

1. Rank the leads. You can waste a lot of time by not getting to the hottest leads first. It’s usually a good idea to start with a ranking system, like “1” for the hottest leads and “5” for the coolest, to determine which leads are the best.

2. Set a follow-up time. It’s likely that prospects will be courted by other competitors during shows. Try to establish follow-up dates with attendees during trade shows to get an edge on the competition.

3. Take action quickly. When you let too much time pass between trade shows and contacting attendees, you’re giving competitors a fighting chance.  Tip: Try to ensure your follow-up is quick and thorough.

Adapted from Presenting to Win (Prentice-Hall) by Jerry Weissman.

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