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Low-maintenance customers: Why they’re a threat to business

Low-maintenance customers can be the greatest joy to work with — and the biggest threat to business. Here’s why.

You see, they don’t ask for much. You do the minimum. They supposedly stay happy.

But here’s the problem: Because they aren’t the loud or demanding type, when something goes wrong, they just walk away unnoticed.

Pay attention to them

Low-maintenance customers need a little extra attention now and then. They need to be reminded that they’re valuable to you. This is what your front-line service pros can (and should) do:

  • Remember them like first-timers. Companies often give first-time buyers incentives. Use those same promotions to touch base with low-maintenance customers.
  • Remember them. Conversations with easygoing customers often get straight to the issues at hand. But before getting down to business, mention something from the last time they contacted you so they know you “pay attention” and so they know how important they are to you. For instance, “I see you tried our premium service. How did it work for you?” Or, “You canceled one delivery because you would be on vacation. How was your time off?”
  • Thank them. We know it’s tough to find the time to reach out to customers. Try this time-efficient tactic for providing proactive service: When you verify addresses, write them on postcards as you speak. Then you’ll have them ready to write a short, handwritten “Thanks for the business” note during a break in demand later in the day.

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