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Is there a bully in your contact center?

Contact center pros are supposed to be nice, right? Sure, but there’s still probably some bullying going on.  Here’s what to do.

About 33% of employees say they’ve been bullied at work in the past year, a recent CareerBuilder survey found. That’s up from 27% of employees who said it last year.

When asked, agents have said they’ve been bullied by co-workers, bosses and customers.

Even worse, the effects of bullying in the workplace extend far beyond a few minutes of hurt feelings. Victims and witnesses report losing productivity from the stress they feel after an incident. Some people quit after repeated abuse.

So how can you curb or stop the bullying?

  • Remind agents regularly to report incidents. Give them anonymous ways to do it, if that makes them feel more comfortable.
  • Respond to reports immediately. Let agents know what steps you will take now.
  • Investigate reports from all angles – victims, accused, witnesses.
  • Take steps to separate bullies from their victims while you investigate.
  • Act swiftly. Punish the guilty based on your HR policies so others know bullying is never acceptable in your contact center.

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