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7 alternatives to a ‘take-this-job-and-shove-it’ attitude

Customers are tough, but is it ever so bad you need to grab two beers and head for an emergency exit?

JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater was so fed up with a rude customer that he grabbed two beers from the parked plane’s kitchen, opened the emergency door and jumped down the inflatable chute.

His take-this-job-and-shove-it approach may have inflated him into a modern day working-man’s hero (and fodder for late night TV), but it’s probably not the best way to shake off  experiences with tough customers.

When customers give you a hard time (and there’s no six-pack and emergency exit in sight), try one of these tension busters:

  • Walk away. Take a walk through or around the building – a few times if needed. Just get away from where you dealt with the tough customer.
  • Breathe. Can’t get away? Take 10 deep breaths, exhaling slowly.
  • Listen, dance, sing. Grab your iPod and listen to a favorite song. Hearing something you love for just three minutes can change your attitude.
  • Talk to a buddy. Visit, e-mail or call someone who always has good things to say. Don’t gripe to him or her, just talk about something pleasant.
  • Take a mental vacation. Keep photos of favorite destinations posted around your desk. Look at them, mentally visit the calm beach, breathtaking mountains, cool lake, etc.
  • Be with loved ones. Also keep photos of family and friends and good times in your work space. Look at them to conjure up memories of times you spent together that made you smile and laugh.
  • Surf. If your job allows, jump online and look at websites that make you laugh or get your mind off work, at least temporarily.

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