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Is it OK to help just 70% of your customers?

Here’s one organization that thinks it’s OK to help just 70% of the customers who call for help – and why it really isn’t OK:

The IRS says its “acceptable service level” is 70% – that means agents in the government agency’s contact center will answer fewer than three in four calls. What’s more, customers who do get through wait about 12 minutes to talk to someone.

It its defense, IRS contact center officials have said they’re doing the best they can with limited resources: Budget cuts forced them to do the same with less.

Most private and public companies wouldn’t think of leaving 30% of customers unanswered. In fact, any customer left hanging is probably a bad thing.

To keep any phone-thwarted customers happier, the IRS has:

  • Enhanced websites with more frequently asked questions and daily updates on important issues, and
  • Added more features to automated phone service so customers can get more accomplished without talking to an agent.

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