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Is he angry or not? Software may answer it for you

Imagine if you knew a customer was angry before you even had contact with him: You’d be better prepared to handle the situation, right? Now you might be able to do just that.

New software can help read customers’ emotions, and therefore help contact centers direct customers to agents who are best equipped to handle them.

eGain added “sentiment analysis” to its social media application, which looks for mentions of a company or its products and analyzes the negative and positive sentiment attached to messages or posts.

When agents see customers are upset based on the analysis, they’ll know to take the issue offline and resolve it privately.

Utopy is one company that offers software that can detect emotions based on customers’ tone, stress and rate of speech when they speak on the phone.

Then it correlates those standards with the words customers use to rate emotions, so agents know if they’re headed into a firestorm.

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