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In a conversation that’s going nowhere? Try one of these 4 strategies

When a conversation with a customer seems to be going nowhere fast, try one of these approaches to getting something accomplished.

Whether the problem is you don’t see eye-to-eye, confusion or distractions, a well-versed question can get things back on track, says Jennifer Miller, communication expert at The People Equation.

  • “What is your main concern? If we address that, can we move forward?” Use this when customers can’t settle on their issue or issues.
  • “In what areas of this discussion do we agree?” This is a question to ask when customers argue with everything you offer.
  • “What has to happen for you to feel comfortable with this?” Ask this when the conversation has been mired with confusion.
  • “What part of what I’ve suggested seems unrealistic or unreasonable?” Ask this of customers who never seem satisfied.

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