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Improve contact center communication: See morale improve

Never underestimate the power of communication in a customer contact center. It costs next-to-nothing and it can improve productivity and morale.

When contact center agents know what’s going on — from the top to the bottom of the organization — they feel more equipped to handle their jobs, not to mention customers and stressors that come their way.  That makes it much easier to stay calm and happy on the job.

Doing it effectively

Here are five ways to communicate more effectively with staff, according to leadership expert Gretchen Rosswurm:

  • Build on the long-term vision. Spell out where the organization is going and what it will be like. Build on that by explaining where agents fit within that vision and how they’ll benefit from it.
  • Step back and listen. Let agents drive the conversation sometimes. Relay information constantly, then let them in on the conversation and share their feedback with the powers-that-be.
  • Avoid surprises. Keep them updated on even the not-so-pretty news so they’re never blindsided by something unpleasant.
  • Get in there. Agents will be more likely to open up to management and share valuable insight if they work side-by-side with their bosses from time to time. Management should jump in when there’s a spike in demand.
  • Match the message to the audience. Some people understand and respond better to visuals — such as email or memos. Others prefer to hear information firsthand in a more intimate way. You might not be able to tailor your delivery to every individual, but the goal should at least be to deliver the most important information in a variety of ways so everyone is likely to receive it in a way he or she would prefer.

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