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If you’re skill-based routing, you might be missing the boat to higher satisfaction

Here’s a new approach to call routing – and it already helped one contact center boost customer loyalty and profits.

Most calls in contact centers are routed based on the agents’ skills. Tougher calls go to seasoned agents. New reps get the easier questions.

Now companies such as Assurant are using IBM’s Real-Time Analytics Matching Platform (RAMP) to get customers connected with agents who will help build a better, loyal relationship.

Assurant routes calls based on things such as customers persistence, life-time value and the agent’s ability to save the customer if he or she were to part ways. And it’s paid off: The insurance company has nearly doubled the number of customers it saves from leaving.

Experts agree: The technology will only work based on a strong base of existing data from various systems on agent performance, customer profiles and company history.

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