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Boost morale with face time, not Facebook

When it comes to boosting productivity and morale, you’re better off inviting agents to the bar than to be a Facebook friend. Here’s why:

Employees – especially new agents – are bombarded with information all the time, and not given enough opportunities to network with peers, University of Guelph researchers found.

When agents interact socially, they learn more about the work environment and the best ways to get things done in each situation they face. Longtime employees casually (sometimes unknowingly) share their best practices. And new employees shed a new light on issues that have been around for some time. Those are things they can’t find in company manuals and policy books.

Leaders should give employees more opportunities to interact socially. Try:

  • Creating an organized sports team (softball, bowling, etc.) and join a local league.
  • Giving reps the reins to create clubs that do things in and out of work. Examples: Philanthropic, book, walking, running, lunch and craft groups.
  • Organizing events for agents to attend together. Try local theater, sporting events, chamber of commerce speakers, library series, movies and happy hours.
  • Allowing agents to work together and head up projects, meeting planning and interdepartmental initiatives.

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