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Hungry for customer feedback? How to add social media to the menu

Good news, contact center pros: You don’t have to be proficient at tweeting, blogging or Facebooking to get great feedback from customers on social media.

Take these four steps from Customer Management IQ to add social media to your feedback menu:

  1. Give social media feedback it’s place. Use it with your other means (surveys, focus groups, phone calls), not in lieu of them. Remember: A few loud people on social media sites do not normally represent the majority of customers and their feelings.
  2. Set up customers. Ask them for feedback where you’re present on social media. Don’t just wait for it. Throw out questions on new ideas. You can usually get fast responses from social media users.
  3. Make it a dialogue, not monologue. respond to customers with negative and positive comments. Offer to contact (via phone) those who’ve had problems and resolve them personally.
  4. Follow through. When you use the feedback to make changes, use social media to tell them about it. If they see you use their ideas, they’re more likely to continue to share them.

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