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How your rewards and recognition program can boost profits

Think a rewards and recognition program is a money drain? New research proves that’s wrong.

Organizations that implement non-cash reward and recognition plans boost annual revenue by about 9%. Companies that don’t bother with a plan see just a 3% increase in revenue, a new Aberdeen Group study found.

Even better, size doesn’t matter: Small companies and large corporations are more successful when they regularly reward and recognize employees with non-cash incentives, the study found.

What was important: Senior leadership must buy in to the plan for it to succeed. That means the top level needs to do more than bank roll the rewards. They need to know about the great things contact center agents do and make efforts to recognize them.

Tip: Bundle agent, team and department accomplishments into a weekly email to executives (so they aren’t overwhelmed with everyday messages), and ask them to visit the contact center periodically to personally thank agents.

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