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How to get agents to embrace quality monitoring

Contact center agents may never love quality monitoring but here are three ways to get them to embrace and learn from it.

Managers can lose the “Big Brother” image of quality monitoring with these tactics from Customer Management IQ:

  1. Include customers’ opinions. Agents often take criticism better from customers than from managers. Gather feedback from customers regularly and allow their ratings and comments to back up (or lead into) your thoughts.
  2. Explain why it’s important. Any time you talk about monitoring (from an agent’s first day to yearly reviews and everything in between) talk about why you do it, not just the fact that you do it. Tout the benefits to agents – you’ll be rewarded for what is done well, you can learn how to make every call better, etc.
  3. Let agents self evaluate. Agents are often harder on themselves than managers are. When they listen and are invited to talk about what could be improved, they usually pinpoint the issues and solve them without a manager ever having to say a negative thing.

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