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How to combine email and social media for better customer experiences

Most companies use email and social media to connect with customers. Combine the two, and you can maximize the customer experience. 

Consider how effective a dual-headed approach can be based on how much each one is used now, according to research from Social Media Today:

  • 92% of online adults use email, and
  • 61% of those people use email daily.

As for social media, here’s more research:

  • nearly 75% of Internet users are on social media, and
  • 81% of customers are more likely to get involved with a company that has a strong, professional social media presence.

Put them together

There’s proof email and social media alone are good for communication, engagement and sales. Together they’re like Wonder Twins activated! They can create stronger communication, engagement and sales.

Here are five effective ways to combine their power, according to Social Media Today researchers.

  • Announce the announcement. Post on social media about your e-newsletter or email update that’s coming out. Tease the biggest piece of news or benefits to customers to generate interest in reading the whole message. Give them a link to read it before it’s sent.
  • Remind them to pass it along. Encourage email readers to pass along your e-newsletter or email message through their social networks. You might even offer an incentive – such as a free sample or trial – for sharing.
  • Add a mailing list sign up to your social media pages. Regularly post in your social media updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., that followers can get more valuable information and updates if they sign up for your email.
  • Reuse content. Use snippets of email and e-newsletter content for posts on social media (and embed the url for quick access to the whole story).
  • Create a plan. Align email and social media content plans on a common calendar. Then you can create themes, patterns and/or special promotions that line up with emerging or cyclical customer needs.

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