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How often does the typical customer call – and other burning contact center agent questions

If contact center agents knew more about the typical customer, they could probably serve them better. This paints a better picture. According to SQM Group research, about 75% of customers:

  • call the contact center one or two times a year
  • talk to an agent four to six minutes
  • get their issues resolved, and
  • forget about the interaction.

Because most customers don’t call that much, agents don’t have much time to build loyalty. But it can be done. Here are a few fast ways to keep those customers who call infrequently with you:

  • Get their e-mail addresses and ask for permission to keep in touch. You can get them included in regular updates or promotions, or
  • Remind them you can help. Mention something that you handle that’s beyond their usual reasons for calling. Perhaps you schedule regular maintenance in addition to taking orders.

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