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How much training should agents get?

Agent training: The more the better, right? Maybe not.

Just because agents spend time in training doesn’t mean they’ll do their jobs better or exceed goals.

Too much can cause them to be overwhelmed. Too little can cause turnover.

But the right about can boost employee satisfaction, according to training expert Susan Heathfield. She’s found that development is one of the top five factors affecting job satisfaction.

So what’s the ideal? Researchers at The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) found that 40 hours a year is best. Most leaders do about two thirds of that training in-house and send employees out to broaden skills and knowledge a third of the time, the ASTD found.

Some of the best ways to squeeze in the right amount:

  • Recruit veteran agents to lead. They’ll learn a little while creating the curriculum for their co-workers. Newer agents will get the benefits of new knowledge and proven methods.
  • Find customer service events, not just industry-specific events. When agents attend training specific to customer service, they’ll learn best practices from agents in a variety of industries. One upcoming event: The International Customer Service Association’s annual conference.
  • Provide a combination of learning opportunities. Give agents a mix of classroom, online, side-by-side and off-site training to maximize the benefits.

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