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Whose performance really stands out to customers?

You’d probably like every customer to consider their experience with your agents memorable. The reality isn’t that, though.

Just one in five customers say they’d ask for the same person who helped them the next time they contacted a company for help, a recent Angel survey found.

On the bright side, it could mean that customers think all the agents they deal with are outstanding. More likely, researchers suggest, is that most experiences with agents don’t stand out to them.

But the question is: Do your customers have the opportunity to request a favorite agent or contact within your organization?

It may seem like a hassle to give customers that option, but it’s likely very few would take you up on it (because overall service is good). Still, for those who would like to choose who they deal with, it’s likely you can boost customer satisfaction.

You might encourage agents to offer their direct line to customers at the end of conversations.

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